NHMNY 2023-2024

Registration for the 2023/2024 Season is now: OPEN

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Registration Booklet

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Feel free to contact us, if not see below for some common questions and answers:

1. Do you have auditions?

NO! There are no auditions. Participants can pick the group that is the best fit. If you aren’t sure which group is right for you the director will be happy to help you with your decision.

2. I used to play a band instrument, but I haven’t played in a long time. Does that matter?

In the past, when there has been sufficient interest, we have run an Intensive Band Class which is specifically designed for people who have played a band instrument in the past, but need a refresher course to get back to playing. IF you are interested, please contact Susan Baskin at 416-721-2748 or at nhmnorthyork@gmail.com

3. I have never played an instrument before. Can I start with NHMNY?

NHMNY is offering beginner ukulele but not beginner band.

If you are interested in starting on a band instrument we  suggest that you work with a private teacher, and that once you have learned the basics of sound production and reading music, and can play some simple tunes, that you join our INTENSIVE BAND CLASS where you can continue to build your technical skills and learn to play in an ensemble.

4. What is the Level of the Monday Night Concert Band?

The NHMNY Concert Band plays at Level 200-300. Participants need to have technical and reading skills consistent with the completion of the second book in any standard Band Method Program (ie Essential Elements, Best in Class, etc….) If you are unsure what level you are at speak to Susan Baskin.

5. Can I Play in More Than One Class?

Yes! Several of our members take more than one class.

6. Does NHMNY supply instruments and music stands or do I need to bring my own?

Participants will need to bring their own instrument, a portable music stand and the instructional method book used for the ensemble they play in. Most sheet music will be provided, although participants may be asked to buy their own copy of some repertoire collections (IE A Beatles collection for approximately $10).

Participants need to bring a music stand to classes.

If you need an instrument, you can rent or purchase from a local music store. Speak to Susan Baskin

7. Who chooses the music?

With input from the participants, the director chooses a wide variety of music for the ensembles, including pop, traditional, classical, jazz, folk, and movie/show selections. Suggestions are always welcome.

8. Is there a social aspect to the group?

One of the important goals of New Horizons Music is to create a vibrant and caring social group. We always set aside time during our rehearsals for socializing.

9. Do we pay by the rehearsal or for a period like a semester or quarter?

Participants pay for the entire year. The cost per class is extremely reasonable.

10. I go South for the winter. Is that a problem?

NHMNY offers Zoom to those unable to attend in person.

11. Do you have public performances?

Yes! Performance is an integral part of the program. We hold a holiday concert in December and a year-end concert in June. We also offer other performance opportunities for our participants who enjoy playing in duets, trios, quartets and quintets.