Monday: The NHMNY Concert Band

The NHMNY CONCERT BAND meets on Monday nights, from 7:00 to 9:15 at Willowdale Middle School at 225 Senlac Road. The members of this group play at a minimum 200 Level—this is consistent with the completion of the second book in any standard Band Method series, and one to two years of experience playing in a novice instrumental ensemble. The band’s repertoire encompasses a wide array of music across many genres.   If you are looking to build upon your existing musical skills in a exciting and collegial concert band, this is the group for you.

The intermediate concert band is currently the most advanced group hosted at New Horizons – North York. Most members have joined as beginners in previous years and are now capable of playing more complex music. If you already have musical and band experience, you may be able to join this group directly.

Thursday: You Can Ukuleke

The ukulele is BACK!   Ukulele groups are the ‘new sensation sweeping the nation’. In our Thursday ukulele class we learn how to play the highly accessible ukulele, and we have a great time playing and singing a wide repertoire of songs from many genres and time periods. ALL playing levels are welcome in our collegial and supportive ukulele group. If you are eager to have some fun, and want to pick up the most ‘user friendly’ instrument out there, then this is the group for you!