COME TOGETHER, our first concert, on Monday, June 12, performing along with the Ukulele Ensemble of Holy Blossom Temple, was a GREAT success!  

The Concert Band of New Horizons Music North York began to play together on February 6 of this year.  There had been a pre-existing group, but it became ‘conductor-less’ and folded in October 2016. With the help of Dan Kapp, of New Horizons Toronto, a search was put into place for a new conductor, and Susan Baskin stepped in in January 2017, and by February the first rehearsal was in place.  At the concert, on June 12, the band played seven selections, which is quite impressive given that the short amount of time that the band has been together.

The Ukulele Group of Holy Blossom Temple has been meeting for two years, for a couple of hours, most Sunday afternoons in the fall, winter and spring.  The vast majority of members began as total beginners.   The group enjoy playing a wide range of music, and most recently, has begin to play arrangements written specially for ukulele ensemble.  The group holds a jam session a few times a year, where members teach one another favourite songs.  The HBT ukers are also a favourite at synagogue events. The ukulele programme included seven selections listed below, and a special “Presentation in Song’ given by David Sandler about the history of the ukulele.


Many thanks to special Guest: Randy Kligerman of New Horizons Music International, who brought greetings from the international executive. Randy also brought us a special gift in the form of a ‘Start Up Grant’ from New Horizons International to welcome us to the ‘New Horizons’ family. Another special highlight of the evening was duet performances featuring our director Susan Baskin and Ari Skulko and Marianne Spilberg, who kindly stepped as substitute teachers, when Susan was unable to attend a rehearsal throughout the season.


Other Highlights:

Flute Duet #4 by Gariboldi: featuring Marianne and Susan (top left). Manha de Carnaval–A Day in the Life of a Fool (top right). Featuring Ari and Susan on Trumpet and Ukulele.  Ita showing the beautiful ocean drum (bottom).